🔜 [Oct 2023] Continual AI Un-Conference

The first edition of the Continual AI Un-Conference is held on 19 October. Together with Julio Hurtado and Nikhil Churamani I organize the Call for Talks, an opportunity for researchers of all levels to present their innovative ideas, controversial views or unifying perspective to the community.

[Jun 2023] 4th edition of the Continual Learning workshop at CVPR

This year I lead the organization of the Continual Learning in Computer Vision (CLVision) workshop at CVPR 2023. The workshop is held in Vancouver on Sunday 18 June.

[May 2023] Stability gap paper selected as ICLR spotlight

Our paper identifying the stability gap, led by Matthias De Lange, is published as notable paper (top 25%) at ICLR 2023.

[Mar 2023] Dagstuhl Seminar “Deep Continual Learning”

Together with Bing Liu, Vincenzo Lomonaco and Tinne Tuytelaars, I organized a Dagstuhl Seminar on Deep Continual Learning, which took place in Germany from Sunday 19 March to Friday 24 March.

[Dec 2022] “Three scenarios”-paper out in Nature Machine Intelligence

The article describing the three continual learning scenarios (task-, domain- and class-incremental learning) is published in the journal Nature Machine Intelligence. It has been a while since the preprint, and there are exciting new additions!

[Dec 2022] NeurIPS tutorial “Lifelong Learning Machines”

On Monday 5 December, together with Dhireesha Kudithipudi and Tyler Hayes, I presented an online tutorial on Lifelong Learning Machines at NeurIPS 2022.