[Mar 2023] Guest lecture, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Lecture on continual learning with deep neural networks and links to the brain. [slides]

[Dec 2022] Tutorial, NeurIPS

Online tutorial on “Lifelong Learning Machines”, with an introduction to the continual learning literature. [link]

[Dec 2021] Guest lecture, University of Pisa

Lecture on the use of generative models for continual learning. [link]

[Aug 2021] Content Creator, Neuromatch Academy

Coding tutorial and online lecture on benchmarks for continual learning. [link]

[2009 - 2011] Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), UC Berkeley

Recipient of Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award (awarded to less than 10% of GSIs). [link]

[2007 - 2008] Teaching Assistant, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Introductory courses on Calculus and Linear Algebra.